This day is designed to move into and beyond facilitation, to thought-leadership (through techniques to avoid unduly influencing outcomes) to elicit honesty and inspire original thought from participants. Your people already have process skills – with this course they will learn now to read people better and facilitate for creativity, openness & awareness.

Eight 45-minute sessions, using a 10min/30/min/5min format (delivery/exercise/summary)

          • Discovering the silver threads: moving the group from ‘now’ agility to future sensibility
          • Content versus Process, part 2: Anthropological thought behind context, instruction, how/why
          • Ask The Right Question: Moving beyond open/closed questions – how to ‘box’ and query
          • Methods and tools for stimulating enquiry
          • Mind the Gap, eliminate the overlap: Techniques to stimulate cross-examination & discovery
          • Dealing with adversity, part 2: The Ladder of Inference, and other tools for re-analysis of options
          • Creative methods for session rejuvenation, morale boosting and out-the-box thinking
          • Build your Toolbox: Taking away the most effective tools for running effective sessions

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