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3D beautiful representation of the Regulations for the Avoidance of Collision at Sea – the Colregs. Mariner v1 was launched in October 2010, it’s now time to launch Mariner v2, the App. Going to sea never felt quite as real …

Big Tree

For those in the know, this is the project codenamed KiwiFroot. Digital content generator for educational curriculums, currently designed for English language only and scaling to 100,000 interconnected learning objects. More languages to come!


Storytelling – is this the worlds oldest profession, actually? Everything is a story. Firelite, Fireliter (for mobile) and the subscription-based BonFire are three ways to remember how we evolved, and learned, and told stories

a little about..

Cutaway Cafe

We’re a Wellington, New Zealand-based think tank and development lab. Our passions – our projects – are Mariner, Big Tree, Firelite and Posteo+.  Oh, and don’t forget Maia, our sailing ship and also our home and office. Have fun in here. Most of this content is restricted to partners and friends – so just email us for access. We love to work with creative minds, no matter where you be.